The book of Job

For many years I have had an issue with the book of Job – it seemed to me that in the book of Job, God was basically using humans as his play-toy, doing things to them to see what they would do. Sort of like a young boy with a magnifying glass chasing ants around […]

Site closing

Greetings. After several years, I am closing this site – – it was an attempt to discuss my successes and failures in my spiritual journey to be a better Christian in the hopes that someone might be having similar issues and could benefit from my journey.  It was also an effort to separate my […]

Why did Adam let Eve eat the apple?

Ever since I became a Christian, this story has always bothered me.  Of course, when I first became a Christian, and I suppose, even before that, it was always in the back of my mind that Adam was off taking care of the animals, or maybe cleaning the garden (Eden) or something while Eve was […]

Hey Jude

I recently heard a scripture that seemed so relevant to me in today’s world, what with cancel culture, political hacks, lying media, and people changing their story after the original arguments have been documented. The verse I heard was Jude 1:4 – from the NLT version:  I say this because some ungodly people have wormed […]

How do we deal with Evil?

I had a conversation with someone recently about all the bad stuff that’s happening in our world, especially to kids.  I agree that a lot of the things that happen in this world just aren’t fair.  There doesn’t appear to be much justice and mercy in much of what goes on in this world. But […]


As Christians, we are called to follow the teachings of God (as written in the Bible), and we have been trying to do it to our best understanding for 2000 years. Add to that that the Jews had the “law” (AKA Mosaic Law) with its 614 rules that they tried to follow for 1500 years […]

Apostle Paul-on thankfulness

Many of us know this verse: “Every time I think of you, I give thanks to my God. ” Phil 1:3. Have you ever actually contemplated what was behind it? How did Paul come to use this statement? Many of us recognize this type of greeting. Paul used a similar style in every letter that […]

How is porn different than other addictions

I have tried to put this into words for several years with little success. Yes, I have a p0rn addiction – it started when I was 10 years old, and built for years until I recognized it and started trying to fight it on my own, with little success for many years. Let me first […]

Masks, as a Christian

Religious persecution begins with red tape. So let’s talk mask mandates. There are many problems with masking. Let’s start simple: it means bearing false witness. It signals that you either think you’re a threat to others, or feel threatened by them…and that a thin piece of cloth will protect you all. But it won’t, any […]