Your Identity in Christ

I took this course at my Church several years ago, and they handed out bookmarks with all these verse references on them – this is a list of the verses they pointed to, followed by some statements that may be helpful when you are under attack. These verses are all from the ESV bible – […]

So you want to leave your Church?

Over the past couple of years, I have talked with several people who are leaving, or have left, their Church.  This bothers me, because in all but maybe 1 of the cases, I KNOW that the people are going to be in the same position in their new Church within two or three years. Why?  […]

Mis-remembering and what it does to you

I was listening to a new (to me) pastor yesterday and his sermon was about how we (Christians) have forgotten our faith, especially when compared to what Jesus said about faith – Matt 17:20 – below.  His contention was that because we have forgotten what our faith SHOULD do, we need to go back to […]

What we have to answer for

Many years ago, I worked in downtown Miami, and I drove to work every day. It was easy to get into downtown Miami early in the morning (not talking about traffic here), but coming home in the afternoon was terrible. Making the transition from local surface streets to freeways was fraught with “bums” and homeless […]

Forgiveness or prudence

Several years ago I was involved with a large group of people. Over the course of a few years, this group trended away from their initial core values and some of the leadership began to adopt a “how do I become more important” mentality. I became involved in this group in the midst of this […]